The Case of the Missing…

 Living with someone with Alzheimer’s disease has given new meaning to something I often said to our kids as they were growing up: “It’s just a thing.”

Things that have disappeared since J’s diagnosis:

  • The top to my favorite eight-quart pot (never found).
  • J’s  rain coat. She then thought mine was hers.  I bought a new one.  Truth be told, I like it better than my old one.
  • My make-up brushes (rescued from the waste paper basket in the bathroom).
  • My favorite running shirt. J was using it to sleep in.
  • J’s wallet – repeatedly (it now has a sensor in it that’s connected to an app on my phone).
  • J herself. She always knows where she is, but sometimes she doesn’t tell us where she is going.
  • Flatware. We seem to have less and less. Where does it go?  The sock planet?

Then there are the things that never disappear.

  • J’s delight in small pleasures.
  • The moon, which we watch with interest whenever it is visible.
  • Our love.

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