Waiting and Connecting

Last weekend had its ups and downs. We returned from our beach vacation and I attacked the normal reentry chores of unpacking, cleaning the car and doing laundry. J followed me from room to room, seeming at times to be at loose ends. At one point, she was simply standing in the middle of the kitchen, looking expectant. I asked her, gently, “What are you doing?”  She said, “I’m waiting.”  I could not discern what she was waiting for.

Then, on Sunday, we met up with one of J’s former teaching colleagues, who had moved far away and was visiting with her new beau.  The evening was smashing. J recognized her friend A and greeted her warmly.  It turns out that A’s gentleman friend’s wife has Alzheimer’s disease and lives in the memory center of the continuing care community where A and the new friend reside. They are both devoted to her. It is not a conventional relationship by any means and yet it is clearly a relationship borne of love. And if love can be found and expressed in this world, I’m all for it.

A asked J to sit next to her at dinner and helped her order. The conversation was lively and J was able to participate, which she doesn’t often do anymore. An evening filled with love and warmth and good food. As the poet Ira Gershwin wrote, “Who could ask for anything more?”

One thought on “Waiting and Connecting”

  1. Thank you, Alzwife, for your words. Your resilience and love shine through every post. May you and J. enter this new year with strength.


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