Check the Trash!

I have had this nagging feeling that J throws things out, but I have never been able to confirm it. Things disappear. Occasionally they reappear, often in unexpected places. Some things disappear for good. 

J and I share an electric toothbrush. Many months ago, I started storing my brush head in the medicine cabinet so I could be sure J wasn’t using it. (I also hide my round hairbrush in the bathroom closet. Shhhh.)

Last night I went to brush my teeth and my toothbrush was gone. I looked everywhere, including in the trash. I was ready to give up and break open my travel toothbrush when I thought to look in the trash a second time. There it was – at the very bottom of the trash basket. I gave it a good wash and was good to go. 

It made me chuckle. And I have to admit a feeling of vindication. Perhaps J did throw out the other items I have spent so much time looking for. 

Before going to sleep, I reminded myself once more, “They are only things. They are only things. They are only things.”  And they are so less permanent than compassion, loving kindness and love. 

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