Best Gadget Ever


J has been taken mirtazapine, an antidepressant she was prescribed as an appetite enhancer, for years. It comes in a tiny pill with a line down the middle. Her daily dose is 7.5 mg, or one half of the teeny, tiny pill.

So for years I have been using a kitchen knife to cut the pills in half. It is highly inaccurate. Often, one piece goes skittering across the kitchen floor and I have to get down on hands and knees to find it. More often I get a 66:33 or an 80:20 ratio. It’s almost never 50:50. It’s just plain annoying. 

So did I do anything to change the situation?  Of course not, until our daughter volunteered she had a pill cutter she no longer needs. The lovely green pill cutter is 100 % accurate and easy to use. It effortlessly cuts the pills with a sly little blade. I did the pills this morning with a smile on my face. 

As my friend P is fond of saying, “It’s the little things.”  And often it is. 

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