I love Krista Tippett and her radio show On Being, which airs on Sunday mornings on National Public Radio.  The show explores the sacred through interviews with clergy, scientists, psychologists and artists. I always learn something.  One show, where she interviewed Alan Dienstag, a psychologist who has led support groups for Alzheimer’s patients, inspired me to pair J with a freelance writer. The two of them now meet once a week and have so far produced a booklet of J’s memories. More important, J very much enjoys these meetings. 

On another recent show, Krista interviewed Ellen Langer, who some call, “the mother of mindfulness.”  Her view is that you don’t have to meditate or do yoga to experience the benefits of mindfulness. All it takes is the simple act of noticing. This practice puts me in the present and often results in feelings of gratitude.  I have particularly focused on paying attention during my morning runs. I now see the leaves as they fall, and the increasingly bare branches. I notice the bright reds and yellows and watch the leaves float on the creek. Often I feel closer to G-d.

Noticing also calms me and gives me strength to accept J’s decline with more equanimity. 

Thank you, Krista Tippett and Ellen Langer.

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