J Guest Column: Beauty, All the Way Down


J has been meeting with a freelance writer for some months, telling her stories so they can be memorialized. Sadly, J is no longer able to remember enough to continue this activity. Here is one of her remembrances:

I have Alzheimer’s.

A saw something that I didn’t. Other people noticed I was doing things differently. And we went to a doctor. It was clear that it was not good.

But at this point, it’s level. I haven’t gotten worse. I wish I didn’t have this. But there’s a lot of good, too. Being with people. Walking the dog.

My world is smaller than it was. I can’t do things that I could do before. I can’t drive. But look around me: there’s still a lot.

 The kids are grown. T is a sound engineer. L wants to do neuro-something.

 I can go across L Drive, down to the stream.

 Beauty, all the way down.

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