Let’s See if this Works

While I am quickly investigating additional resources to cope with J’s recent wandering, I have increased the signage at home. Post-its now festoon the refrigerator. “It is Monday, Dec. 21.” “There is NO Alzheimer’s Assn. program.”  “T (our son) will pick you up.”

I also left a sign on the door: “Do NOT leave without T.”

Last week, J went to the local office of the Alzheimer’s Association on her own three times, twice on a day when there was no program and once when she was supposed to wait for our son to pick her up. 

Ironically, J and I have a meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association this afternoon where they are going to tell her she can no longer participate in the program she has attended and loved for three or four years. I expect her to be very sad. I did argue with the Association staff when they tried to “transition” her out of the program a year or so ago. (They have no program for people at J’s stage of the disease, so they aren’t “transitioning” her; they are kicking her out.) This time, however, I see that she no longer has the verbal capacity to actively take part. 

We have an appointment at a highly regarded day care program next week. I am hoping this will be a solution. I also am looking into more home care and am beginning to look at residential facilities should that be necessary down the line. 

I am staying optimistic that the right resources are out there and that we will find them. 

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