Social interaction overdrive


At this stage, when it often is so difficult for me to communicate with J, I sometimes forget that Alzheimer’s disease is not linear.  I often can’t get J to respond to a direct question.  (“Do you want a sandwich?”)

Yet last night she agreed to go to a synagogue potluck with me.  We were sitting at a table and the woman across from us, who used to be our neighbor, was talking about having recently retired and spending her time writing.  Clear as day, J asked, “Are you writing fiction or nonfiction?”  Wow!

I do recognize that J sometimes has the ability to turn it on in a social setting.  I also think this is exhausting for her.  She certainly went right to bed when we got home a little after 9 pm.

Tonight we are taking our daughter out to dinner for her 23rd birthday.  My fingers are crossed that J can and will turn on her social interaction overdrive for this occasion.

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