Clown Shoes

J wears sneakers every day and had worn her current pair so hard they had holes in the bottom. Her caregiver, E, offered to take J to buy new shoes. 

J wears an 8 1/2, as she has for at least 25 years. But when shopping with E, she insisted on buying a pair of size 11 shoes. They looked like something Sheryl Swoopes might wear, (although on second thought they were so hideous that probably not….)

I hate lying and am not very good at it. This seemed, however, like a situation where omission was the kindest and most successful strategy. So E went back to the store and exchanged the ugly size 11s for a lovely pair of size 8 1/2 sneaks.  This happened while J and I were at a doctor’s appointment.  I said not a word about the switch, and J didn’t seem to notice. 

When we got home, I asked J to try the new shoes on and they fit perfectly. She insisted they were too tight. So I asked her to please try them for a few days and promised to buy her a new pair if she didn’t like them after the trial period. 

After one day, she was very happy with the shoes. 

Confrontation – and fall hazard – avoided. Sometimes it takes so little to have a good day. 

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