Does Size Matter?


I’m working on reaching agreement on a contract with the continuing care retirement community where J is now living to allow her to stay there until the end of her life while not impoverishing me.  Giving the CCRC where she lives the benefit of the doubt, I am still in an unfortunate position because they placed her in the largest, most expensive room for her initial respite stay.  I now must decide whether to move her from her current spacious digs to a smaller room.  Not only will the smaller room be less comfortable since she has become accustomed to the bigger space, but she has Alzheimer’s disease and any change is hard.  Had the CCRC administrator clearly explained the price differential, I would have had her move into a smaller room initially.  And yet, I don’t believe the administrator intentionally put me in this bind.

I sat down with a calculator today and the difference is substantial.  If she stays in her current room, I have enough money for 25 months without dipping into my own retirement savings.  If I move her, I have enough money for 45 months.  Looking at the cold, hard numbers, it seems like a no-brainer.

The smaller room also has two windows instead of one, and it is around the corner from a small porch, which would almost be her private space because no one else seems to use it.  The smaller room is across the hall from her current room, so it’s not like she would have to get used to another floor.

I’m going to get the tape measure out on my next visit on Tuesday and see if I can fit a bed, dresser, TV and a small table with chairs into the smaller room.  If yes, it’s a go.

I look forward to having this upheaval behind us.  On a more positive note, J is still happy and says she is making good friends.  Let’s hope I look back on the room switch as a small hiccup.

2 thoughts on “Does Size Matter?”

  1. In many ways it is not a comparable situation but that said when my mom was in assisted living (they called it then) she had a large studio with a balcony and loved it…as she aged she found the more intimate space safe and comforting.
    Best of wishes with your challenges.

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