Lucky break

The reminder came up on my calendar: “Call about prescriptions.”  I saw it. I thought about it. I didn’t pick up the phone. 

Yes, it was busy at work. Yes, my house is in chaos as I try to get it ready to put on the market. 

Not much of an excuse when your wife has Alzheimer’s disease and you have witnessed the havoc it wreaks when there is any medication lapse.  Plus, I very much think of myself as a responsible person. That’s an integral part of my self image.  So how could I let a medication reminder go?

The next call was from J’s continuing care community. “J’s medications are running out.”  Of course, the call came late on a Friday afternoon and I didn’t listen to the message until after 5 pm. I couldn’t bring myself to call the CCRC back. The message was vague, and information hound that I am, I didn’t want to know if J actually had run out of any particular medication. After all, there wasn’t anything I could do about it until Monday.

I get J’s medications through an online pharmacy. It’s the lowest cost option on my health insurance plan. For some reason I can’t fathom, the pharmacy will not automatically mail refill prescriptions. Even though the doctor has authorized them, this pharmacy requires that I call and request shipment. I can’t call too early, though, or the pharmacy won’t fill the order. Hence, the calendar reminder. 

I called the pharmacy as soon as I could on Monday morning. The woman I spoke to was polite and assured me the meds would be mailed as soon as possible. She reassured me that the pharmacy is in the same state where I live, so they could come a lot faster than a week. 

They arrived on Thursday and I took them right over to J’s CCRC after work. It turns out I got them there in time. No lapse. Hallelujah!

Lessons learned?  Never ignore calendar reminders. More importantly, forgive yourself. It disappoints me that I didn’t take a simple action that would have assured J’s well being and my own mental health. At the same time, I recognize I’m an imperfect human being who sometimes misses even the easy things. The trick is to accept my imperfections and move forward — until the next time I ignore a calendar reminder. 

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