Precious moments

Downsizing from 3400 to 1000 square feet takes time. As a result, I haven’t been as available to J as in the past. This has made me feel guilty at times, but a visit last week clarified where we are in our Alzheimer’s journey and what really matters. 

I left work early and took J for a walk. It was a gorgeous spring day. While her verbal skills are minimal at this stage, she was able to point to flowers and children and dogs, registering joy in her perceptions. 

I asked her if she ever gets lonely. She gave me an inscrutable look — the type of look I recognized from the old J. “No,” she said, “I never do.”

What family, friends and visitors need to know is that there is only now for her now. And even though she is not pining away, a very short visit for a walk or cup of coffee makes her light shine. 

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