Errand Girls


As regular readers of this blog know, I have struggled with how to make visits with J fun for both of us as her Alzheimer’s diseases has progressed.  Visiting alone can be tough, especially since J’s verbal abilities have diminished.  Going out to eat is losing its charm as there are only so many games of dominoes we can play, or cute animal videos we can watch.

I have found a new go-to activity: running errands.  Last week, in desperation to get some things done, I took J with me on my appointed rounds.  I put swing music on the radio.  And off we went: to take CDs to the music store to sell; to Goodwill; to the dollar store; and finally for soft-serve ice cream.

J bopped to the music and took in the scene as we drove around.  She pointed here and there in joy.  I couldn’t apprehend what she was seeing and she can’t tell me, but she was clearly happy.  We wandered around the music store and the dollar store.  She didn’t want anything — Alzheimer’s disease relieves material desires, yet she was having a good time.

I got her a cup of chocolate ice cream.  We sat outside and ate.  There was no need for conversation.


Next week, I’m taking her to Discount Shoe Warehouse.  I’m looking forward to a good time — for both of us.

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