Shanah Tovah 5779

“There is no calamity that does not have a kernel of blessing concealed within it….,” says the commentary to last week’s Torah portion.

So what are the kernels of blessing in having a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease?

First, despite some fits and starts, J’s Alzheimer’s disease has caused our family to get closer and pull together, especially now that she is in the most advanced stage.

Second, dealing with this disease teaches patience. Even something as simple as feeding J demands attention. I have to wait until she has thoroughly chewed and swallowed before offering the next bite.

Finally, there is blessing in the realization that all that is left for J is love. She freely gives it and receives it.

Although J has no idea that Rosh Hashanah starts tonight, may the same be true for us all in this new year.

One thought on “Shanah Tovah 5779”

  1. Read this to P He joins me in appreciating your words I am working on patience And he is as l as loving as ever May the year ahead be as “tovah” as possible and the Book of Life have room for a few more loving times with J


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